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February 2008 : Sicily

I took the opportunity afforded by the Malta Do to make the short hop over to Sicily for my first-ever visit to the island. After picking up my rental car, I drove south to visit Siracusa (or Syracuse if you prefer), then back to Catania for a stay at the Sheraton, which provided a good base for exploring the local area on my second day. Day 3 saw me heading north-east to Mount Etna and the astonishing, multi-layered town of Taormina, then round the north-east tip of the island to the brand new Hilton at Portorosa. The superb weather finally broke on Day 4, when I drove the winding coastal route to the medieval town of Cefalu in a torrential thunderstorm, which thankfully dried up a bit just prior to my arrival.


Mardi Gras in Catania

Mount Etna



Reason for visit : nice follow-up to mFT Do!

Based at :-
Sheraton, Catania
Hilton, Portorosa

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