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December 2008 : Frankfurt

It has become almost an established tradition that a FlyerTalk Do is held in Frankfurt am Main each year, to coincide with the appearance of the Christmas markets. I finally made it along, having had to cancel out in 2007 and despite unfavourable flight changes brought about by poor trading conditions in the winter season. Frankfurt is certainly not Germany's prettiest town, but it is the country's financial capital and its greatest air transport hub. It felt a little odd for me being back, as I got to know the city fairly well a few years back, through regular visits for business purposes.

Bird's Eye View!

I managed to visit Frankfurt regularly for several years on business, without ever discovering that there is a public viewing terrace on top of one of the tallest buildings. Furthermore, it is open at the top. Excellent views, but very cold in December!

Base : InterContinental