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November 2007 : Warsaw

I was pleased to be able to take part in this weekend away in the Polish capital with FT friends sftrvlr, Moomba and Peter747. For the three UK-based participants, it was an all too brief visit (out Saturday morning, back Sunday evening); however in the biting November cold, it wasn't a bad introduction to a city that was new to all of us. We had an excellent time and came away with the feeling that, if anything, the city was more interesting than expected. In fact a return may be called for - but in summer, and once they finish repaving the Old Town streets!

Palace of Culture, through the mist!Park on the way to the Old TownTomb of the Unknown SoldierThe main street leading to the Old Town is undergoing reconstructionOld Town squareOld Town squareOld city walls and barbicanWarsaw has no shortage of churches!Presidential PalaceChopin museumChurch in the University districtAnother Old Town square

Royal Palace

Base : InterContinental

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