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July 2007 : Flight Log : BA8921

BA8921 Glasgow (GLA) - Islay (ILY)

My fears that I'd made a bad choice of seat at OLCI were set to rest the moment I stepped aboard - and I really do mean the moment I boarded, because my seat was right there by the door. I thought I might not be able to see anything other than a spinning propeller, but in fact I was ahead of it. Better still, with 3A having no window and therefore being unpopular, I managed to have an empty seat behind me. This was going well already and we hadn't even left the stand!

We were a little late in getting away due to a no-show passenger and some confusion over whether or not there was a bag to be off-loaded. The matter settled, we pushed back at 0839 and taxied towards the north-easterly runway, as cabin crew member Celine gave the safety demonstration. We were soon airborne and turning round to face in a more appropriate direction, eventually passing through the cloudbase at about 3000ft.

There was, of course, no cabin service on such a short sector. In no time time at all, we were on the approach to Islay's little airport, touching down at 0910 and parking up just a couple of minutes behind schedule.

Date: Sat 21 Jul 2007
Aircraft : Saab 340
Scheduled dep : 0830
Actual departure : 0839
Scheduled arrival : 0910
Actual arrival : 0912
Cabin : Economy
Seat : 2A

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