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September 2006 : 'Yellow Leaves' Do, Vilnius

When BA Board regular Andrius suggested an away-do to his homeland, it sounded like an excellent idea. Thus was born the Yellow Leaves Do, attracting a sizeable crowd of 17 participants. Not sure about yellow leaves - I think we saw one tree where they were just starting to turn - but the weather was simply glorious for the time of year. Whether for sight-seeing or partying, or better still both, everyone agreed that this was a fabulous destination and we were all delighted to have visited before it gets too well known.

KGB Museum

We began our visit by getting a guided tour of the KGB Museum (or as one of our group said, the KPMG Museum ). As our host had promised us, this was no theme park, but it gave us a stark appreciation of some of the grim goings-on here in the very recent past.

Saturday Evening

We then walked into the commercial heart of Vilnius, stopping for a couple of beers in the main shopping street. Then it was on into the Old Town for a traditional Lithuanian dinner.

Sunday Morning

On Sunday morning, I decided to head out on my own for another chance to explore the city centre.

Base: Crowne Plaza

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