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October 2006 : Dubrovnik

Ah, Dubrovnik - known for most of its history as Ragusa and immortalised by Byron as the Pearl of the Adriatic. Hard on the heels of my first visit to the Baltics, this was my first visit to the Balkans, and to a city that had been on my famous wish-list for quite a few years. It lived up to, and indeed surpassed, my expectations. My only regret was that, having originally planned this trip as a long weekend, I ended up curtailing it for work reasons. I felt I had enough time to do the Old Town reasonable justice -  and this is what everyone comes to see, after all - but it meant that I saw nothing of the modern city, the beautiful coastline (other than during my airport transfers) and the islands. You've guessed it : I'll just have to go back!