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November 2006 : London

The Lord Mayor's Show

Through an excellent piece of planning, a FlyerTalk Do - indeed a MegaDo, no less! - was timed to coincide with the weekend of the Lord Mayor's Show. This is an annual parade through the streets of the City of London, towards the West End, to celebrate the installation of a new Lord Mayor.

The end of the parade signalled that it was time for me to head up Ludgate Hill to St Paul's, in time for the arrival of the new Lord Mayor himself. After a brief stop to be blessed by the Bishop of London, he was good enough to wave for the camera.

Tea on the Thames

Next on the agenda was the first major event of the FlyerTalk London MegaDo 2006, christened Tea on the Thames - a river cruise during which afternoon tea was served and various other beverages were consumed as well. The Lord Mayor entered into the spirit of things by laying on a fireworks display to mark our arrival back at Temple Pier - perhaps he's a closet FTer!

Hyde Park & South Ken

On a beautiful Sunday morning, a stroll through Hyde Park and the museums district seemed like a good idea.

Base : Hilton Paddington