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February 2006 : Flight Log : EI125

Shannon (SNN) - Dublin (DUB)

After a visit to the very quiet EI lounge at Shannon, we bade farewell to nonsoloinglese, who was EDI-bound via LHR! I was lucky enough to be allocated 9A for the return, which is in the front row of Economy, in a small 3-row section just aft of the J cabin. Once again, I had PhilH as my seat-mate. Thankfully, St Maeve had been well and truly spruced up while we were relaxing at the Great Southern and this time, the cabin crew welcomed us aboard with friendly smiles. Ah, now we're talking!

We pushed back at 1147, headed out to the runway and were airborne by 1157, making a sweeping left turn which gave those of us on that side of the plane an excellent view of the airport below. The flight was uneventful and we managed to make it into DUB just ahead of schedule at 1228.

And so our Shamrock Shannonigans were at an end! The 12K bonus was earned and - just as important - good fun was had by all concerned.


Date: Sat 18 Feb 2006
Aircraft : Airbus A330
Scheduled dep : 1145
Actual departure : 1147
Scheduled arrival : 1230
Actual arrival : 1228
Cabin : Economy
Seat : 9A

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