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March 2005 : Santa Barbara & Solvang

Santa Barbara

The attractive main street in downtown Santa Barbara has a European feel.

Some flowers that caught my eye, close to the pier.

Santa Barbara is a well-used stop on Amtrak commuter runs.

Another view of Santa Barbara's historic central area

Santa Barbara was known as Queen of the Franciscan missions in California. The cross was appropriately adorned with Lenten purple during my visit.

Front aspect of the mission church, still in use as a parish church.

Another part of the Santa Barbara mission buildings.

A spring-like view in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden ... but where did the sun go?



The Danish enclave of Solvang lies west and slightly north of Santa Barbara, across the Santa Ynez mountains. It must come as a bit of a shock to tourists who arrive there without being fore-warned! In my view, a place like this has to tread a fine line between being authentic to its roots and attractive to tourists, on the one hand, and creating an impression of over-the-top kitsch, on the other. Personally, I quite enjoyed this first visit to the village, including the tasty Scandinavian lunch offerings   At the same time, I felt that the proliferation of rather twee little gift shops was just a bit too precious for my liking.

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