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April 2005 : Malta & Gozo

Saturday : Valletta

An ancient Malta bus passes St Publius' church in Floriana, just outside the main gate of Valletta.

Valletta's buildings feature both open and enclosed balconies.

The ornate sanctuary of St John's Co-Cathedral. The main cathedral is in the ancient capital, Mdina.

Narrow streets, balconies, plunging gradients and endless rows of parked cars are typical of Valletta.

A combination of British influences : a traditional red phone booth and the spire of St Paul's Anglican Cathedral.

Saturday market and two buildings that were so close, they decided to join up!

Sunday : Gozo

The adjacent island of Gozo can be reached by helicopter or ferry. No prizes for guessing which method I used.

Mgarr harbour, the arrival point for ferries from Malta.

From Mgarr to Victoria. And if you thought the buses on Malta were old ...

Small and rather remote it may be, but Victoria has a little theatre that was about to put on La Boheme!

Gozo also has a cathedral, situated inside Victoria's Citadel.

Typical passageway in the Citadel.

Monday : Mdina

Buildings in the ancient walled capital of Mdina feature some eye-catching doorways.

Mdina Cathedral with tourists, square restoration works and - even here! - cars all in evidence.

The Carmelite Church, Mdina.

St Paul's Square, with part of the cathedral.

In Mdina's maze of winding alleyways, an occasional glance skywards is sometimes repaid.

Another interesting doorway, this time leading to the Cathedral Museum, which is well worth a visit.

Base: InterContinental

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