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This is: Canada & Mexico 2011

A change of scene

There was absolutely no need to be up early today and indeed, I didn't so much as open my eyes until 0845. We followed the pattern from two days previously, having a room service breakfast and then watching a little of the French Open tennis on TV. Rather than laze around all morning, we decided to make a return visit to the old town, with the particular objective of visiting the Mansión Carbajal, a notable old house that we had missed during our Wednesday explorations. Once the private home of a wealthy businessman, it is now a public building and open to visitors who wish to look around. As previously, the colourful buildings of the old town area all looked particularly attractive in the strong morning sun.
ABOVE: Mansión Carbajal

LEFT: More views of Campeche old town

After a reasonable amount of looking around, we began to realise that we were once again in danger of wilting under the relentless glare of the tropical sun. A decision was made to beat a hasty retreat to La Marganza - the restaurant that had proved such a success on Wednesday - to drink a refreshing beer and have lunch. The short walk back to the Hacienda provided a final opportunity to savour Campeche's beautifully restored streetscapes.

Back at the room, we had an opportunity to chill out for a bit and then pack for our transfer to Uayamón. When the time came to leave, we were both mightily relieved to find that we had an air-conditioned taxi. Uayamón is not that far out of town (about 30km), so it was mildly amusing to find that the driver didn't know the way to our next Starwood Hacienda and had to seek advice a couple of times.

Before long, though, we were settling in to our latest Luxury Collection accommodation in a property that certainly made a striking first impression. We were allocated an attractive junior suite complete with its own gazebo for open-air lounging. It all felt like, and indeed was, in the middle of nowhere. Around 4:30pm we moved to the pool area, which appeared to have been constructed in the remains of a large public room or hall in one of the original buildings. It was a fabulous setting and, most unusually for me, I actually went in and enjoyed it enormously!

ABOVE: Complimentary cheese & wine

LEFT: Beautiful pool at the Hacienda

Later, we enjoyed some complimentary cheese & wine - Bruce's SPG Platinum gift - followed by a room service dinner.

Friday 27 May

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