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This is: Canada & Hawaii 2016

More BC splendour

I took breakfast at the hotel's in-house Prime Steakhouse and was surprised to find that it was already around 10am by the time I hit the road. I didn't realise it at this stage, but today would rival Tuesday for the scenic value of my chosen route, which involved the Trans-Canada Highway (Route 1), a short section heading north on Hwy 97, and a substantial section heading south on Hwy 99. The clues about the nature of my journey were there from an early stage, with lots of photo stops more or less from outset, particularly when the road got close to Kamloops Lake and then the Thompson River.

I filled up the car at Cache Creek and continued on my way, soon finding that Highway 99 was closely following the Fraser River in fairly spectacular fashion.

I stopped for lunch in the small town of Lillooet, a community of less than 2,500 people. The sheltered location, nestled among the mountains, made the sunshine feel especially warm. Once I was on the move again, the first stop came within five minutes, at the attractive Seton Lake reservoir.

LEFT: Lunch stop in warm sunshine, in the little town of Lillooet
RIGHT: Seton Lake is just outside town

The remainder of the Lillooet-Whistler section was simply incredible, and was duly punctuated with a succession of photo stops at the side of the road.

I was surprised to find that it was after four when I eventually made it to the Hilton Whistler. I had intended to add to my feast of scenic experiences by going up one of the ski lifts or gondola systems; imagine my surprise and dismay when I was told that they stopped at 5pm! So that's now three times that I have visited Whistler and still not made any mountain ascents. (Poor weather was the reason on the first two visits.) It seems that some things are just not meant to be. I contented myself with a walk around the resort.

Later, I had a celebratory Negroni and a superb steak dinner at The Keg. The pub-like atmosphere wasn't entirely to my taste, but I have to say that the food was absolutely delicious.

Another excellent day on the roads of British Columbia!

Thursday 25 Aug

Distance driven: 296km

BC trip to date: 1,729km

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