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This is: African Contrasts 2015


    Day Date Flight No From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat
1 Fri 15-May BA1447 EDI 1625 LHR 1750 321 Y 1A
2 Sat 16-May BA65 LHR 1015 NBO 2045 772 F 1K
3 Sun 17-May PW712 NBO 1905 ZNZ 2045 AT7 Y 8D
4 Thu 21-May ET804 ZNZ 1545 DAR 1615 752 J 2L
and continuing DAR 1700 ADD 2000  
5 Fri 22-May ET122 ADD 0740 GDQ 0845 DH8 Y 14L
and continuing GDQ 0915 LLI 0945  
6 Sat 23-May ET120 LLI 1040 ADD 1140 DH8 Y 11C
7 Mon 25-May ET710 ADD 1120 LHR 1700 788 J 2L
8 Tue 26-May BA1444 LHR 1255 EDI 1420 321 Y 1A

Flight Impressions
ABOVE LEFT: British Airways A321 at Edinburgh, preparing to operate BA1447 to Heathrow
ABOVE RIGHT: One or two baggage trolleys in Terminal 5 Domestic Arrivals!
ABOVE: BA65 First Class cabin
(Click picture for full flight log)
LEFT: Waiting for our Precision Air flight from Nairobi to Zanzibar
RIGHT: Zanzibar lounge, and our Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 757-operated flight to Addis Ababa
RIGHT: ET122 at Addis Ababa, and on arrival at Lalibela RIGHT: Boarding ET120 at Lalibela RIGHT: Ethiopian Airlines 'Cloud Nine' lounge at Addis Ababa
BELOW: Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 'Dreamliner' at Addis Ababa, waiting to operate flight ET710 to London Heathrow
LEFT: Meal service on board ET710 to London Heathrow
RIGHT: British Airways A321 at Edinburgh, having just operated BA1444 from LHR

(with thanks to Bruce for the meal service photos on ET710)

Flight Log and Route Map

Flight log for BA65

Route map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)