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This is: Indian Ocean 2012

Hotel 10

Best Western Premier, Incheon Airport

This was always going to be the most basic accommodation of the trip. The Hyatt just around the corner might seem a more obvious choice, but at double the price I felt that it couldn't be justified when all I was looking for on this occasion was a bed to sleep in. I have no idea why I was allocated a twin-bedded room when I had booked a queen bed, but I couldn't be bothered pursuing the matter.

The overall level of amenity was similar to the average Holiday Inn - a bit of a jolt, to be honest, considering the pampering that I had received so far on this trip! But it served its purpose.

In: Thu 07 Jun 2012
Out: Fri 08 Jun 2012
Nights: 1
Room: 1026 (Twin)

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