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This is: Waves, Wine & Warmth (2018)


    Day Date Flight No From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat
1 Fri 30-Mar BA1459 EDI 1850 LHR 2020 3211 Y(WT) 10A
2 Sat 31-Mar BA219 LHR 1445 DEN 1735 744 F 1A
3 Sun 01-Apr DL5724 DEN 1030 LAX 1210 717 F 1D
4 Tue 10-Apr DL4821 YVR 1120 SEA 1225 E75 F 2D
5 Tue 10-Apr DL5691 SEA 1510 PHX 1810 E75 F 1A
6 Mon 16-Apr AA695 PHX 1650 LAX 1900 321 Y+ 2 5F
7 Tue 17-Apr LH453 LAX 1720 MUC 1330+1 388 J 24A
8 Wed 18-Apr LH2476 MUC 1440 LHR 1545 319 J 1F
9 Thu 19-Apr BA1442 LHR 1140 EDI 1305 319 Y 9F

1: Flight 1: ex-bmi aircraft with mid-haul configuration
2: Flight 6: I travelled in Main Cabin Extra

Flight Impressions
RIGHT and BELOW- RIGHT: Arrival at EDI, a good spell in the BA Lounge, then flying BA1459 to LHR on an ex-bmi mid-haul A321

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BELOW: DL5724 from Denver to Los Angeles provided a relatively rare opportunity to fly in a Boeing 717.
Picture 4: Putting the CRASS back in First. 1A looks like she's preparing to give birth!
BELOW: DL4821, a short cross-border hop from Vancouver to Seattle, is followed by DL5691 to Phoenix, with both sectors operated by Embraer E175 aircraft. My time on the ground in Seattle was spent at the rather wonderful Delta Sky Club, which I was able to use after arriving off an (unusually short) international flight.
BELOW: AA695 from Phoenix to Los Angeles, seated in the front row of Main Cabin Extra

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BELOW: A visit to the T5 First Lounge, and flying home to Edinburgh ABOVE: LH2476 from Munich to London Heathrow

Flight Logs and Route Map

Flight Log for BA219

Flight Log for LH453

Route map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)