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This is: Voyage of the Glaciers (2015)

More of Spokane, and onwards to Ellensburg

It was a pleasant change to have no time pressures to contend with this morning. I got up at my leisure, enjoyed a light breakfast at the in-house Starbucks concession, and headed out on foot around 9am for a short walk around the downtown area in bright sunshine. As I soon discovered, Spokane has many brick-built structures dating from the early 20th century, many still looking attractive.

After treating myself to another coffee and then returning to the hotel, I checked out around 1115 and reclaimed my rental car from the valet parking service. I then drove the short distance to the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, prominently situated on a hill overlooking the downtown area. It was instantly apparent that this was a stunning neo-Gothic building; what was less clear was that it dated only from the 1920s. As I took the first couple of pictures of the exterior, a young lad cycled past and called over to me: She’s a beauty, ain’t she? There was no denying it; he had a point.

A notice informed me that when the doors were closed, as they were, entry should still be possible through the cathedral office – and indeed, the staff were delighted to let me look around.

RIGHT: Old memories were stirred by opting for a classic diner-style brunch

When I had seen enough, I found my way to the I-90 freeway and drove a few miles to the vicinity of Spokane Airport, where signs indicated that food options were available. On a slightly odd impulse I decided to eat at Denny's, mainly for old times' sake, as it brought back memories of some of my early visits to the USA. I had an All American from the all-day breakfast options.

With my hunger satisfied and with memories swilling around inside my head, I then drove I-90 all the way to my next night stop, just outside Ellensburg. The highlight of this drive was a scenic viewpoint overlooking the Columbia River and Vantage Bridge, a combined bridge and causeway forming the freeway crossing that I would soon be taking myself.

LEFT: Scenic overlook of the Columbia River and Vantage Bridge, near - would you believe? -  the town of George, Washington

I arrived at my destination around 4:30 in the afternoon. About 90 minutes later I drove into central Ellensburg, took some photos and ended the day with a pasta dinner.

Tuesday 25 Aug

Miles driven: 189

Road trip to date: 773

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