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In complete contrast to the previous day, I awoke to a gloriously clear, sunny morning. The breakfast area was also much quieter, the last remnants of holiday weekend visitors now seemingly gone. I took my time in preparing to leave; there was absolutely no hurry at all.

I eventually set off and drove first south and then south-eastwards to Flagstaff, where I parked close to the Amtrak station. I took a brief wander around the historic Old Town district, soaking up the warm midday sunshine, and then had lunch at a nice restaurant claiming to be international and, I thought, looking the part.

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After lunch, I took a short detour eastwards along Interstate 40 to Walnut Canyon National Monument. The main attraction here was a series of ancient cave drawings, but these were reached via 240 steps down into the canyon, which meant there were 240 steps to climb to get back out again. I decided not to do it and walked the easy canyon rim trail instead.

Back-tracking to Flagstaff, I easily found Highway 89A, the more interesting of two possible routes to Sedona, though Oak Creek Canyon.

I had a little trouble locating the Hilton as it's not actually in Sedona, but rather Oak Creek Village. I eventually made it and was delighted to be allocated a very nice suite, upgraded to mountain view. I went for a short walk to explore the property and then enjoyed a delicious room service dinner based on bison meat loaf. For post-dinner entertainment I watched the movie The Adjustment Bureau. I was thoroughly enjoying the experience of being back in a full-service hotel!

Wed 07 Sep

Miles driven: 184

Trip to date: 1833

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