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A quiet day in the capital

After the long hours spent behind the wheel on Wednesday, I was determined that the car wouldn't move from its parking space at all today. With the city centre a short walk away, there was absolutely no reason to drive. So after another nice breakfast, perhaps a little less hearty than those on the farm, we were both happy to set off downhill on foot towards central Hobart. (We did of course wonder whether we would feel the same way on the return!) It was a bright start to the day, but wind chill was a factor and for most of the morning, I found it really rather cold.

As we walked around first the port area and then the Central Business District (a term that I learned in Geography classes at school, but which is in everyday use throughout Australia), we found ourselves in agreement that it was not the prettiest of cities, although it did have its moments. We picked out landmarks such as City Hall, the Post Office, Parliament and the Cathedral and it became a little challenge to frame each photograph in such a way as to hide or exclude ugly neighbouring structures. Reviewing both sets of photos on our respective camera screens, we agreed that we had done a good job of making Hobart look beautiful! I tried to think where it reminded me of. I considered Northern Scotland, but this was too big a city for most of that area, yet not busy enough to be another Aberdeen. I occasionally thought I saw something Nordic-looking about the city, but it was always a fleeting notion. I finally decided that the place it most reminded me of was Anchorage, Alaska. I said as much to Bruce and, after pondering for a few seconds, he said he kind of knew what I was getting at. Oh well, maybe it was just uniquely Hobart!

Undaunted by our somewhat negative thoughts, we pressed on in the rising temperature to reach Salamanca Square, a modern, but this time attractive, development of restaurants and shops. After a short look around, including a walk out to Princes Park, we realised that it was lunchtime - how convenient! Being in no hurry at all, we had a leisurely midday meal in one of the local eateries. Afterwards, it was a case of steering ourselves back towards Corinda and, as expected, the final uphill section proved to be punishing. At least it would have helped to burn off the calories! For what remained of the afternoon, we were content just to lounge for a bit and relax - and why not!

Just as I was having a day off from driving, we had decided that Bruce also deserved a day off from cooking, so tonight we were going to take advantage of our location and go out for dinner. We had been sizing up potential venues earlier in the day and this process brought it down to a choice of two which, happily, were almost next door to one another. We also decided in advance that, while we would be happy to walk down into the city centre again, the second homecoming would require the services of a taxi. The restaurant choice was finally made for us when it transpired that one of the places was empty, while the other was busy. Going with the flow, we joined the happy-looking crowds. The meal turned out to be good enough, but in no way outstanding, and the service was also nothing to write home about. I couldn't help thinking that, of the last four nights' dinners, this was Number 4 in the order of merit. (I didn't tell Bruce that, obviously. It simply wouldn't do to have people getting big-headed! )

With a little bit of effort, we managed to track down a taxi - just as well, really, as the wind was getting up again and it was anything but warm! The cab made light work of the hill-climbing journey back to Corinda's Cottages.

Thursday 27 May

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