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This is: Singapore & Malaysia 2017

To our private island retreat!

The alarm had been set for 7:37 - airline geek alert! - in order to ensure that we would be ready in good time for our booked 10am transfer to Pangkor Laut. Breakfast in the executive lounge was not as busy as previously. Our car arrived at 9:40, but we waited until closer to ten before going down to the lobby to check out. Our transfer vehicle was a nice SUV with leather seats in "European business class" format (i.e. 1 + centre console + 1 ... there I go again!) The journey involved a mixture of different road types, from urban streets to motorway to ordinary roads in a deeply rural setting. We arrived at Marina Bay around 1:30pm for a planned speedboat transfer at 3pm, but following check-in formalities it became clear that it was going to be a case of immediate boarding for the short crossing to Pangkor Laut - a real bonus.

Upon arrival on our island retreat, we were given a resort briefing before being shown to our fabulous Hill Villa.

As soon as we had settled into our new quarters for the next few days, we had a tasty lunch of noodles with beef and then embarked on a photo tour of the main part of the resort.

It was soon time for do-it-yourself G&Ts on our private balcony - we had come prepared! - and this was followed by a fairly light evening meal in the restaurant that had been pointed out to us as being the location for breakfast. Sadly this was less than 100% enjoyable due to the unfortunate combination of a freaky client at the adjacent table, a disconcertingly cheeky waiter and sub-standard wine. With one thing and another, this absolutely did not amount to a satisfying first-night dinner experience, which was as surprising as it was disappointing given the overall calibre of our new surroundings. 

Monday 13 Mar

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