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This is: Singapore & Malaysia 2017


Singapore was the first Asian city that I ever visited, way back in 1986. It fascinated me then, as indeed Hong Kong and Bangkok would go on to do during the same trip, and I have retained a soft spot for the former British colony ever since. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital, was a later discovery, but again was a city that quickly earned a place in my affections. As recently as late 2014, I had agreed to join my friend and travel companion Bruce for a weekend in Singapore, and I extended my own trip on that occasion to include KL and Malaysian destinations in Borneo.

Around 18 months later, Bruce suggested repeating the combination. He saw Singapore and Kuala Lumpur as essential components of the new trip, but also wanted to include a 'leisure' destination to ensure that some of our time would be spent in a more relaxing environment. This part of the overall vision would eventually materialise as a stay on the luxurious private-island retreat of Pangkor Laut.

Bruce was in mile-burning mode for this trip, having made a conscious decision to reduce his various air-mile balances before they ended up suffering almost inevitable devaluation. Meanwhile for me, a Qatar Airways 'flash sale' in Scandinavia opened the door to joining in the fun.


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