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This is: Singapore & Malaysia 2014

Flight Log 5: MH2564

Kuching (KCH) - Miri (MYY)

The departure time had been revised first to 1325 and again to 1335; according to the check-in agent, the delay was due to an earlier bird strike!   Boarding finally got underway at 1335 (the twice-revised departure time) and it was something of a scrum. Priority was given to children, but no call was made for Business Class passengers; nevertheless, I ensured that I was an early boarder!

I noticed on boarding that the Business Class lockers were closed, so that at least was a good move. It turned out that there were to be eight of us up-front - another flight where the premium load was far higher than anticipated. On completion of boarding, I had my customary apple juice from the usual selection, and a cold towel. Doors were finally closed at 1349 and we moved off an impressive one minute later, with take-off at two minutes past the hour. The expected flying time was given as just 50 minutes.

The in-flight food was a particularly light snack on this occasion, made up of a small mushroom quiche, an equally diminutive seafood pie and a bowl of assorted fruit pieces. I drank apple juice and coffee, the latter (rather randomly, I thought) having been served with a couple of packets of peanuts.

By 1430 we had already commenced our descent from 33,000ft and a round of hot towels marked the end of cabin service. Touchdown came at 1449 local time, and just as at the start of the flight, we had to perform a U-turn on the runway itself. This was clearly a much smaller airport, with just two Air Asia planes at the gates and two MASwings turboprops at remote stands.

No prizes for punctuality or priority boarding, but otherwise another pleasant enough flight!

LEFT: Some views during the early stages of the flight
RIGHT: Light snack and final approach
Date: Wed 03 Dec 2014 
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Scheduled dep: 1235
Actual departure: 1350
Scheduled arrival: 1335
Actual arrival: 1453
Cabin: Business Class
Seat: 1F

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