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May Day on Hong Kong Island

I woke up at about 0700, but dozed on and off until 0830, when I finally decided it was time to make a move. Not that it really mattered - and it was a public holiday, after all. Having 'done' the New Territories and one of the outlying islands on my previous visit a fortnight ago, I decided that today was going to be about Hong Kong Island. The only slight problem was that Hong Kong was full of mainland Chinese for the holiday, and Hong Kong people themselves were also intent on making the most of the break. It was clear that everything was going to be busy.

I started by taking the Hung Hom - Wan Chai Star Ferry, so that I could have a look round the Convention Centre, containing reminders of the handover ceremony in 1997. Having seen all I wanted to see there, I made my way to Central Hong Kong, where the visible reminders were of the period of British rule here. I then caught a bus out to Stanley, which was positively heaving with holidaymakers. Still, it was a huge contrast from my previous time there, when it poured with rain. I had a leisurely lunch at one of the water-front, people-watching joints. Later on, I caught another bus out to the Tai Tam Reservoir and Dam, then eventually returned to Kowloon via Aberdeen and the West Harbour Tunnel.

Another successful day's sight-seeing, and the weather - which looked at times as though anything could happen - remained benevolent throughout.

Wan Chai


Stanley and Tai Tam

Monday 01 May

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