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This is: Round The World 2006-07

SoCal snow!

Unlike my host, who had to be logged on to his home-based workstation by 0730, I was able to indulge in the luxury of a long lie-in. I think it was somewhere between 0830 and 0900 when I finally surfaced. Ah well, it had been a long day getting here from Florida. I spent a couple of hours just lounging about after breakfast, as well as getting some much-needed laundry underway. Bruce suggested that I borrow his car and take a drive into the hills as far as Julian on Highway 78. I was a little bit nervous about this, given the various mishaps that seemed to have bedevilled the trip so far, but both he and I knew that I have a huge amount of experience of driving in North America and that I'm a generally trustworthy sort of chap

The drive proved to be a rewarding one, the road winding its way through some spectacular country and, significantly, gaining in altitude all the time. Julian itself turned out to be a curious mixture of wild west outpost and twee tourist-ville - a town where men are men, but shops are shoppes. I had some lunch and braved the decidedly bracing conditions long enough to have a quick look around. This was actually enough; the main attraction of the excursion, as far as I was concerned, was the drive itself, rather than the destination.

I got back to base just as Bruce was about to sign off for the day, and indeed the week. He was to demonstrate exemplary culinary skills over the course of the weekend, starting with an excellent pasta dinner that had originally been intended for the previous evening.  

Friday 23 Feb

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