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This is: Round The World 2004

Kia Ora, Aotearoa

I made sure that there would be no lying in this morning. When I awoke with the sound of the first trains running, I made sure that I stayed awake. Bearing in mind that I had a flight in the afternoon, on which I expected to be well looked after , I decided to forsake the hotel's breakfast offering in favour of something much lighter from the nearby McDonalds. I was packed and ready to go by about 0850 and decided that there was no point in hanging around. I opted to take the train to the airport - the station was next door! - rather than order the shuttle bus. It proved to be far more comfortable and direct than the little shuttle bus had been on arrival. I completed check-in and departure formalities and headed for the QP (= Qantas Pub = Qantas Club ... you see, I'm learning the lingo ) I used the computers for a while, then had a cup of tea and decided to head for the gate.

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Immigration formalities at Auckland were nothing drastic and pretty soon I was outside and aboard one of those little hotel shuttles that had not been my planned route into town, but it was all I could see. After waiting around for a good 20 minutes or more while it filled up a bit, we headed off. An odd thought occurred to me. This was now the fifth country I had visited since leaving the UK and all of them, without exception, drive on the left. A piece of trivia, I suppose, but there it is. Eventually, I was dropped off at the Crowne Plaza. The three-hour time difference had thrown me a bit : it was evening locally, but to me it felt like mid-afternoon. I sensed that it would probably turn into a late night.