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This is: Round The World 2004

Exploring Brisbane / Meeting the locals

I had yet another long lie-in, emerging from between the sheets just after 0900. This was in danger of becoming a theme on this trip! I had an excellent cooked breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then briefly returned to my room to get organised for exploring the city. Then I briefly returned to my room all over again, when I discovered that I had forgotten my camera.  Aaarghh ... only one day here, but never mind, anytime today ... just take your time

I am nearly always happy with heat, provided it's dry heat, but to my Scottish constitution, the humidity in Brisbane was appalling - almost unbearable. I found that the only way to cope was to take it very easy, stopping often and making full use of air-conditioned havens such as bookshops! Actually as the day went on I felt I was getting used to it; the first hour was the worst. Even my camera was all misted up, having just been brought outside from an air-conditioned hotel room.

Once I got into my stride, I walked through the city centre, via King George Square, to the Botanical Gardens and from there, over the footbridge to the Southbank area. After a refreshing diet coke in the shade, I boarded one of the little city ferries and crossed to the Eagle Street area, where the Central Business District comes right to the riverside. I had a freshly made tuna sandwich for lunch, then explored a little more of the city centre, taking in St Stephen's Cathedral, the surprisingly attractive Post Office building and the Customs House. A detour up to St John's Cathedral proved to be a fruitless exercise, as it was undergoing extensive refurbishment.

I boarded a City Cat fast ferry back to North Quay and disembarked for the relatively short walk back to the hotel, taking in the Casino building en route.

All that was fine, but the highlight of today was an evening get-together with fellow FlyerTalkers QF WP, NM and willyroo at the Breakfast Creek Hotel, a very popular hostelry on the 'airport' edge of the city, where the choice of beers is excellent and where they will barbeque your selected steak to order. QF WP picked me up at the hotel and we headed out there; NM and willyroo joined us as soon as they could. Bundy Bear and IainF had been set to join the party as well, but unfortunately had to call off at the last minute. It was a fun evening, talking about all the usual FT stuff, swapping travellers' tales, etc. I was amazed that these guys had gone to all the trouble of laying on something to coincide with my visit, but the feeling was that if a fellow FTer from the other side of the world was taking the trouble to visit Brisbane, then that was sufficient grounds to have a 'do'. Great stuff, guys Thanks for a great evening out and special thanks to QF WP for organising it all

Wed 10 Mar

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