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Hotel 4

Cannery Pier, Astoria

This wonderful and striking hotel is built on the site of the former Union Fish Cannery and, as the name further suggests, is situated on a pier that reaches out over the Columbia River. I remarked several times during our short stay that if it hadn't already done so, it ought to win multiple awards for the design and sheer quality of its public spaces, which proved conclusively that modernity and good taste are not mutually exclusive concepts. Continental breakfast, with a Finnish flavour, was provided in the lobby area, as was a wine and canapés hour between 5 and 6pm.

The hotel is at least a mile from the town centre and this is a pleasant enough walk in the right conditions. The hotel also operates a small fleet of vintage cars and uses these to offer complimentary transport (to dinner, for example).

Every room has both a balcony and a fireplace, the latter providing an especially welcome touch in November! Our room also had river views and it was interesting to watch the comings and goings on a busy, working river. Noise from the nearby Astoria-Megler Bridge, surprisingly, was almost non-existent. I also have an enduring memory of waking up briefly in the middle of the night and hearing both lapping water and seals.

In: Mon 25 Nov 2013
Out: Tue 26 Nov 2013
Nights: 1
Room: 207 (Double-double)

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