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This is: Planes, Trains & Automobiles (2011/12)


   DayDateFlight NoFromDepToArrAircraftCabinSeat
1 Tue 27-Dec LH963 EDI 1405 FRA 1700 320 J 2F
2 Wed 28-Dec LH490 FRA 1125 SEA 1305 333 F 2K
3 Thu 29-Aug AS494 SEA 1355 SAN 1639 734 F 2F 
4 Mon 02-Jan UA5408 ABQ 1858 DEN 2020 CRJ Y 2A
5 Tue 03-Jan LH447 DEN 1640 FRA 1025+1 744 J 4D
6 Wed 04-Jan LH962 FRA 1235 EDI 1325 321 J 2F

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Route Map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)