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This is: New Year in India (2016/17)


    Day Date Flight No From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat
1 Mon 26-Dec BA1477 GLA 0855 LHR 1015 321 Y 1F
2 Mon 26-Dec BA277 LHR 1450 HYD 0535 788 J 3K
3 Tue 27-Dec AI513 HYD 1005 PNQ 1120 319 J 2F
4 Tue 27-Dec AI513 PNQ 1155 GOI 1315 319 J 2F
5 Sat 31-Dec I51321 GOI 1405 BLR 1515 320 Y 1F
6 Tue 03-Jan I51127 BLR 1505 COK 1700 320 Y 1F
7 Sat 07-Jan AI9506 COK 1335 BLR 1505 AT7 Y 3C
8 Sun 08-Jan BA118 BLR 0700 LHR 1230 773 J(F)1 3A
9 Mon 09-Jan BA1482 LHR 1120 GLA 1250 321 Y 1A

[Note 1 (flight 8): The scheduled Boeing 777-200 was replaced by a Boeing 777-300ER on this occasion, leading to a seat in the first-class cabin (with business-class service) for a fortunate few.]

Flight Impressions
ABOVE: British Airways Galleries lounge, Glasgow, and the first flight of Boxing Day on the airline's Glasgow - London Heathrow shuttle service. This featured what was presumably my last complimentary hot breakfast on such a flight, in Economy class.
ABOVE: British Airways Galleries First lounge at LHR T5, followed by Club World service to Hyderabad and my first experience of BA's Boeing 787-8 aircraft. The Goan prawn curry was, by a long way, the tastiest main course I had ever eaten in Club World. It may also have been the only occasion to date when I have been offered both dessert and cheese in Club World.
ABOVE: The Plaza Premium lounge, Hyderabad, followed by my first Air India flight. AI513 was (for us) a two-sector hop from Hyderabad to Goa via Pune, and food was served on both sectors.
LEFT: Air Asia India I51321 from Goa to Bengaluru
RIGHT and BELOW: Air Asia India I51127 from Bengaluru to Kochi
BELOW: Air India AI9506, from Kochi to Bengaluru. This flight was operated by Alliance Air, a wholly owned subsidiary providing service on regional routes with ATR turboprop aircraft.

Welcome to the lounge!
BELOW: BA118 from Bengaluru to London Heathrow. Following an aircraft substitution, Bruce and I (and one other passenger) were allocated seats in the otherwise empty first-class cabin, while receiving normal Club World service for this route. It made for a very pleasant and memorable flight. Additionally, as the flight was over 5hrs late, the EU compensation (in avios-equivalent form) made this one of the best-value redemptions ever!

Lunch menu
BELOW: Domestic shuttle flight BA1482 from London Heathrow to Glasgow

Route Map

Route map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)