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This is: Mexico 2019

A less ambitious day

After yesterday's huge walk, I felt like dialling down the activity level today. On top of that, Bruce and I were suddenly involved in a bout of 'booking fever'! It's not uncommon for us to plan a future trip while actually on one, but this may have been the first occasion where we found ourselves putting arrangements in place for two such trips. With all this going on, I didn't set out until nearly midday. My initial objective was simply to locate the attraction that I had shortlisted for Wednesday, but somehow managed to miss: the Museum of Modern Art.

This time around it proved easy to locate, and as soon as I was inside I remembered it from our 2011 visit to Mexico City. It was interesting enough to see it again, but the main thing to stress is that it was nothing like as impressive as the wonderful Museum of Anthropology across the street.

After a light lunch in the 'Angel district', I walked back the long way through Chapultepec Park (i.e. following the Calzada Mahatma Gandhi through the southern part of the park). It turned out that I had even managed to forget my camera when setting out this morning, so that the few photos I took today were captured using my phone. Thankfully the evening passed off quite normally in the InterContinental's excellent Club Lounge.

Thursday 07 Mar

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