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This is: Mexico 2019


    Day Date Flight No From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat
1 Sat 23-Feb IB6403 MAD 1300 MEX 1805 346 J 4L
2 Sun 24-Feb AM108 MEX 1115 GDL 1235 738 Y 6F
3 Tue 26-Feb VW110 GDL 1500 PVR 1600 AT7 Y 16D
4 Sat 02-Mar AM141 PVR 0925 MEX 1100 737 J 1E
5 Sat 02-Mar AM2098 MEX 1410 OAX 1515 E75 J 1D
6 Tue 05-Mar AM2049 OAX 1325 MEX 1440 E90 Y 5C
7 Sat 09-Mar IB6402 MEX 2040 MAD 1405+1 346 J 2A

Flight Impressions

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ABOVE: The first Mexican domestic flight of the trip was AM108 from Mexico City to Guadalajara. The pictures begin with glimpses of the terminal and lounge experiences at Mexico City, while the featured photo shows the aircraft after arrival at GDL.
ABOVE: We made the short hop from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta with Aeromar, on a lightly loaded ATR 72.
RIGHT and BELOW: On 2nd March we had a two-stage domestic relocation on Aero Mexico. First up was Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City, in Business Class.
ROW BELOW: Next was Mexico City to Oaxaca, also in Business Class.
RIGHT: This is the return leg from Oaxaca to Mexico City, a few days later
BELOW: Our return to Europe was on IB6402, from Mexico City to Madrid. The experience begins with a spot of Mexico City lounge-hopping.

Flight Log and Route Map

Flight Log for IB6403

Route map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)