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This is: Mexico 2019

Further exploration of Puerto Vallarta

There was no great rush to do anything this morning. I got up shortly before 9am and fried bacon and eggs for myself, which I ate with a couple of tortillas. By the time Bruce surfaced and had breakfast, and we had each had a shower, it was around 11am when we set out.

Our aim today was to revisit the old-town area of Puerto Vallarta, and also to walk the Malecón and the beach boardwalk. It was a most enjoyable and leisurely walk, free from the constraints of being on a tour and punctuated with a coffee stop and a short visit to one of the town's most distinctive attractions, the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The latter is commonly referred to among local people as 'the cathedral', even though it isn't the seat of a bishop. The Malecón, predictably, was touristy, yet also managed to be attractive - particularly with what looked to be the recent addition of public artworks.

In due course we progressed first to a beach boardwalk, and then to walking directly on the beach itself. We passed lots of surprisingly upmarket places featuring a variety of comfortable-looking seats and loungers for hire. As we got progressively further away from the centre of town, a noticeable change took place, shifting from male-female couples to at least 90% men - a reminder that Puerto Vallarta is a hugely popular destination in both the American and Canadian markets for gay travel.

Heading back towards town, we found a place called Daiquiri Dick's in the Zona Romántica. This provided a suitable venue for a somewhat liquid-dominated lunch of daiquiris (surprise, surprise!), and tortilla chips with guacamole. After lunch, we moseyed around the Old Town for a bit, before making a leisurely return to base after picking up a few more groceries. As ever, the final hill climb was by Uber.

The main evening events were relaxation, dinner (more delicious guacamole, then Mexican pizzas) and a movie ('Sideways').

Thursday 28 Feb

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