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This is: A Yorkshire Ramble (2014)


As explained in the course of the main narrative, this trip started off as an unusual suggestion from my friend Bruce that it might be fun to spend a weekend in Sheffield. Once I realised that I would not be working at the suggested time, the idea of a weekend break started to grow arms and legs, and this journey is the result. I began to think through various possibilities for a longer visit to the region, but there was one more major evolutionary step before the itinerary settled down into its final form. Having originally assumed that I would simply drive down to Yorkshire and use my own car as the principal means of exploring the target area, I began to realise that in some destinations - particularly urban centres where long periods of parking would be required - having a car could bring disadvantages as well as benefits. I wondered whether it could possibly be feasible to leave the car at home, and before long I had started to regard this self-imposed constraint as a surprisingly enjoyable little challenge for my trip-planning skills - so much so that in the end, I decided to run with the trip in this car-free form.

So welcome to this ten-day exploration of selected parts of Yorkshire and the city of Durham, where I abandon both the pampered world of the frequent flyer and the comfort and convenience of the motor car, to subject myself to the vagaries of the UK's public transport network.

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