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This is: Shanghaied in Tuscany!

Hotel 6

Hilton Sa Torre, Mallorca

I thought this was a fabulous property - totally unlike any other Hilton that I had experienced. Built around a 14th Century tower in a quiet countryside setting, the hotel is a true retreat. The grounds include a windmill and a chapel as well as more conventional features, such as two swimming pools and a spa facility. The Hilton website strongly advises guests to rent a car and indeed, this is good advice for most people, who will want to see something of the island. However for anyone simply looking for a bit of hotel-based 'chill time', a 20-minute taxi ride to and from the airport would also be perfectly feasible.

I was upgraded to a superb suite. Although only consisting of one room, it was on the grand scale, with a four-poster bed, huge relaxation area, dining table for six, four very large windows and a wrap-around corner balcony. I found out that the hotel has five of these suites, each uniquely decorated. Apparently mine had the most classical look, which came as no surprise!

This was one of those relatively unusual properties that, just by itself, could give me sufficient reason to return to the destination.

In : Sun 11 Oct 2009
Out : Tue 13 Oct 2009
Nights : 2
Room : 1205 (One-Bedroom Suite)

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