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This is: Round The World 2015


    Day Date Flight No From Dep To Arr Aircraft Cabin Seat
1 Tue 10-Nov BA1437 EDI 1235 LHR 1400 321 Y 1A
2 Tue 10-Nov BA986 LHR 1600 TXL 1850 321 Y 14A
3 Thu 12-Nov AB7248 TXL 1300 JFK 1600 332 J 4H
4 Sun 15-Nov AA101 JFK 1525 DCA 1700 738 F 3A
5 Tue 17-Nov AA2065 DCA 0845 CLT 1027 320 F 1F
6 Tue 17-Nov AA1909 CLT 1120 RDU 1210 319 F 1F
7 Wed 18-Nov AA1992 RDU 1440 CLT 1542 319 F 1F
8 Wed 18-Nov AA1864 CLT 1640 DCA 1802 319 F 1F
9 Wed 25-Nov AA104 DCA 1800 JFK 1935 738 F 3F
10 Thu 26-Nov CX841 JFK 0900 HKG 1405+1 77W F 2A
11 Fri 27-Nov KA206 HKG 1600 PNH 1740 333 J 17K
12 Mon 30-Nov K6105 PNH 1035 REP 1120 AT7 Y 15D
13 Wed 02-Dec QV526 REP 1605 LPQ 1805 AT7 Y 16D/C
14 Sat 05-Dec QV631 LPQ 1345 BKK 1525 AT7 Y 18D
15 Sun 06-Dec UL403 BKK 0900 CMB 1055 320 J 2F
16 Sun 06-Dec UL503 CMB 1300 LHR 1850 333 J 5K
17 Mon 07-Dec BA1440 LHR 1150 EDI 1315 320 Y 6A

Flight Impressions
ABOVE LEFT: Relaxing in the BA lounge at Edinburgh ABOVE LEFT: LHR T5 manages to look both quirky and seasonal
ABOVE RIGHT: British Airways Airbus A321 at Edinburgh, boarding for London Heathrow in miserable-looking conditions ABOVE RIGHT: British Airways Airbus A321 at Heathrow Terminal 5, being prepared for flight BA986 to Berlin Tegel
LEFT: About to board AB7248 for New York (Click picture for full log)
RIGHT: JFK T8 and flight AA101 to Washington DC
LEFT: Arrival at CLT on AA2065 from DCA
RIGHT: A Boeing 737 arrives at DCA to operate AA104
LEFT: First Class to Hong Kong on CX841 (click picture for full log)
RIGHT: Lounge-hopping in style at Hong Kong Airport
LEFT: Boarding Cambodia Angkor Air ATR-72 for flight 105 to Siem Reap
RIGHT: Flight QV526 from Siem Reap to Luang Prabang
RIGHT: Lao Airlines flight QV631 from Luang Prabang to Bangkok
THIS ROW: Lounge-hopping in Bangkok, between Cathay Pacific (left) and Louis's Tavern (right)
LEFT: Sri Lankan Airlines flight UL403 from Bangkok to Colombo, operated by an Airbus A320
ABOVE: Business Class to London on UL503 (click picture for full flight log) 
THIS ROW: The trip concludes with a familiar shuttle flight (left) to this place (right)

Flight Logs and Route Map

Flight log for AB7248

Flight Log for CX841

Flight Log for UL503

Route map
(courtesy Great Circle Mapper)