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This is: Round The World 2004

Flight Log 10 : NZ8589

Rotorua (ROT) - Wellington (WLG)

I made sure I was first to board the plane because, despite being given the OK at check-in, I was concerned about my back-pack. Sure enough, it was far too big. The FA said she'd put it at the back and assured me that she would look after it when I said that it contained a laptop. I squeezed myself into 5A, a single seat. There really wasn't much room at all. Although I am 5' 11" (1.80m) tall, I usually have no difficulty sitting in closely-spaced seats without being anywhere near the seat in front, while other guys of the same height have their knees up against the next seat. Either I am differently proportioned, or have better posture, or both! But on this aircraft, there was simply no way I could sit normally in the seat and not be crammed against the one in front. The only alternative was a leg in the aisle.

We set off (no pushback!) at 1301 and were airborne by 1305, the scheduled departure time. I was slightly unfortunate, in terms of having a good view, to be seated directly alongside the port engine and wing. Nevertheless, I could see reasonably well by looking through the 4A window and enjoyed the view offered by the low altitude flight. I had forgotten how noisy these prop-jobs are!

In-flight service consisted of a little carton of mineral water, a mug of tea or coffee (at least it was a full-size mug!) and a single cookie of truly tooth-breaking thickness. Was it intended for dunking, I wonder?

The approach to Wellington was spectacular. We touched down on the runway at 1405 and were on-stand ahead of schedule at 1410. In the comfort stakes it obviously didn't rate at all - it was never going to - yet as an overall experience I enjoyed this short flight immensely. I certainly was not sorry that I had chosen this over driving to Wellington. I guess I just love flying

Date: Sun 14 Mar 2004
Aircraft : Saab 340
Scheduled dep : 1305
Actual departure : 1301
Scheduled arrival : 1415
Actual arrival : 1410
Cabin : Economy
Seat : 5A

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