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This is: Round The World 2004

Flight Log 8 : QF634

Melbourne (MEL) - Brisbane (BNE)

This flight was part of the Qantas Cityflyer network.

The first thing I had noticed before boarding the 737-800 was its unusual wing design - they are very long for such a small aircraft and have the most spectacular upturned tips. And the first thing I noticed once I did board was that, unlike the 737-400 the day before, this plane had a proper Business Class section with real Business Class seats (i.e. NOT the type that convert!) There were a fixed three rows in 2+2 formation. The seat had controls for Footrest / Legrest & Extension / Back Comfort Control / Recline. (The only one I could get to work was the lumbar support, but it is perfectly possible that I was doing something stupid!) Each seat had its own foldaway table that was supported on both sides when deployed.

I accepted the offer of a pre-departure glass of mineral water. We pushed back a couple of minutes early according to my watch and, following a brisk taxi out to the runway and a powerful take-off run, took to the skies at 1910. Surprisingly, Brisbane is one hour behind Melbourne, which explains the scheduled arrival time of 2010.

For dinner, there was a choice between Ravioli with caramelised onions, tomato sauce and peas, or Moroccan chicken salad with mustard dressing. I chose the ravioli, which came with a green salad starter with red wine vinaigrette, a bread roll and a Macadamia nut chocolate. The standard beverage offerings were a choice of red or white wine, plus still water. The FA had to disappear to the galley if anyone wanted to be innovative. I was happy to go with the white wine and water. Later, a choice of tea or coffee was offered.

We touched down in Brisbane at 1957 local time and were on stand very quickly thereafter at 2000, 10 minutes up on the schedule. It was a very steamy 26C outside.

Date: Tue 09 Mar 2004
Aircraft : B737-800
Scheduled dep : 1905
Actual departure : 1903
Scheduled arrival : 2010
Actual arrival : 2000
Cabin : Business
Seat : 2A

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