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This is: Round The World 2004

To mainland USA

I woke up with the alarm at 0630 and wasted no time in getting up. I knew that I had quite a bit to do to get to the airport in time for my first flight of the day, leaving minutes after 1100. Rather than the repeat the Burger King experience of the last two days, I went back to the Pioneer Inn, where I'd had dinner the previous day, and had Eggs Benedict. It was interesting to note the number of people going about already, in two main groups :-

  • People going on whale-watching trips
  • Schoolchildren starting their day at this early hour (by UK standards at least)

I eventually got everything done and was behind the wheel - for the last time on this trip! - by 0840. I stopped briefly in Kahului to refuel the car and dropped it off minutes later, just after 0930. I had a trouble-free check-in, and indeed was delighted that Hawaiian were able to check my bag right through onto my subsequent AA flight to San Francisco. The time passed quickly enough and boarding for HA111 commenced on time at 1040.

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On arrival at HNL, I took the wiki-wiki to the mainland / international terminal. Although I was not yet checked-in for my AA flight, all the advice was to remain airside and check-in at the gate. I had thought to myself "or better still, the lounge" and so set about trying to find the place. I discovered lots of lounges placed around a most attractive sunken garden, but there was no sign of an AA facility. I eventually got fed-up walking round in circles and went into the CO lounge to ask for directions. You've guessed it : no AA lounge at HNL! Ah well, off to the gate then   I finished the book I was reading (Morse is now dead ) and this seemed to make the time pass. I was relieved when I finally managed to get checked-in and was delighted that a good seat was still available, even if it was not the one they first assigned to me.

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The baggage took a very long time to appear at SFO. As if that were not bad enough, I was then given an unwanted tour of the airport as two shuttle drivers played Pass the Parcel with me as the parcel. The music eventually stopped and I got taken to my hotel. I think I'll have to stop using these shuttles; they are starting to annoy me.