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This is: Round The World 2004

In search of Engrish

Today was always going to be one of those days given over completely to travelling, due to the time needed to reach Narita and the change of planes at Hong Kong built into my schedule. In view of this, I thought I'd bring you something a little bit different. Inspired by, I had been on the lookout over the last couple of days for examples of 'Engrish'. I didn't have far to look! Like many cultures around the world, the Japanese like to use the English language for marketing purposes. Things with English names are cool. Sometimes, though, it might have paid to check the proposed wording with a native English speaker first :-

Take your pick between Calpis Water and Calpis Soda

Just what you need for that thirst : a nice can of sweat. Yum!


Looking for a life partner? Yours for only 120 yen.


I love these slick marketing names. Who could resist The Tea for Dining?

Thank you for your boarding

Calorie off! Yes, you!

Welcome to Tokyo Big Sight
Super Love Body. Promises, promises, ... Vitaene C - healthy and refresh!

Who needs sugar lumps when there's cubic sugar?

If you'd like to see many, many more examples, you know where to look! Now, back to the diary, which today consists mostly of flights ...

I caught the 1200 Airport Limousine Bus back to Narita. It was a brand new coach, with that unmistakeable 'new car' smell much in evidence. I got checked in OK, despite a slight mix-up over my Australian electronic visa causing a moment of panic, and made my way to the Cathay Pacific lounge. I only had a few nibbles, as I was saving myself for dinner on board the flight to Hong Kong.

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On arrival at Hong Kong, I made my way to the first-class section of The Pier, which is more conveniently situated for transit passengers than The Wing. It's not quite as impressive, due to being completely enclosed, without so much as a window. One of the attractive features of The Wing had been its open aspect onto the rest of the airport. In compensation, however, the business facilities seemed if anything rather more extensive here. Before too long, it was time to head for the gates and board my second Cathay flight of the day.

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