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This is: Round The World 2004

Still exploring Tokyo - now with confidence!

True to my word from the previous day, I had set the alarm and woke up at 0700. Not what I'd had in mind at all, I promptly fell asleep again for another hour   When I did eventually come to on a more permanent basis, a glance out through a gap in the curtains told me all that I needed to know : it was a another glorious, sunny winter morning. I got ready, went for a quick breakfast and headed outside for a day's sight-seeing, pleased that - in spite of falling asleep again - I was still well ahead of where I'd been at this time the previous day. Once outside, I soon realised that there were two major differences from Thursday : first, there was a biting wind that tried to cut right through you, and secondly, this time I felt that I knew what I was doing. There would be no getting lost or clueless behaviour at subway stations today!

I decided to pick up where I had left off yesterday, i.e. visit the Tokyo Tower and then have a look around the riverfront area. Consulting a map, I then realised that I could take a waterbus over to the Odaiba area - a kind of 'Docklands' development. If the weather held up today, I thought I would then pay a quick visit to the park at Ueno before heading back to the hotel. Here are some photos from the three sections of my second day of sight-seeing in Tokyo :-

Tokyo Tower

River area


Waterbus at Odaiba, with the Rainbow Bridge in the background

Tokyo's answer to the DLR - but this one has Paris-style rubber tyres
Tokyo Big Sight. No, really - that's its name! And Tokyo's answer to the London Eye  



Well, the weather held up, although I was very glad of the scarf and gloves that I had brought along. By the time I had seen all that, I was absolutely knackered, as we say in the UK   My legs and feet seemed to think I had walked for miles; maybe they were right! I was happy at the prospect of another restful evening, catching up on my diary, having a nice dinner and maybe watching another movie.  

Friday 05 Mar

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