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After a quiet breakfast in the Club Lounge at the InterContinental, I made a quick return to the city centre with Bruce. As he'd had to work each day since our arrival in town, with only a lunchtime walk available to see anything of the destination, it seemed only right on this Saturday morning to accompany him on a quick reprise of some of the main sights. We rode the metro to the Zócalo and began with a quick visit to the cathedral - not as quick as my token visit the previous day, though, when a service had been about to start!

We also had a look around the main square and at the archaeological site to the northeast of the cathedral, where the ruins of an ancient Aztec temple are being excavated. This area brought back strong memories of our 2011 visit. And that was about it - time was short, and carefully crafted travel arrangements demand strict adherence to the schedule! Later that day we both began our journey back to Madrid, closing off those Iberia intercontinental, business-class award tickets that we had acquired for next to nothing the previous summer. Bruce continued on home, while I spent a further night in the Spanish capital (photos under Short Trips 2019) and travelled directly back to Edinburgh on Monday evening's easyJet service.

This was only my second 'proper' visit to Mexico, if we discount a number of quick cross-border forays from years ago - and what an absolute joy it had been! Building on a transatlantic journey that had been a gift from the frequent-flyer gods, we managed to create a dream itinerary taking in the country's second city, a highly attractive seaside resort, historic Oaxaca (which, almost literally, presented a different face of Mexico) and the great megalopolis itself, now presenting itself to the world as CDMX.

The fact that all this flowed from one of the best frequent-flyer mileage deals for a long time just made it that much sweeter!

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Saturday 09 Mar

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