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This is: American Double 2014

A brief look around Atlanta

I had breakfast in the Hilton's crowded Executive Lounge. A conference for young engineers was taking place and it seemed that they all had access to the lounge as part of the deal to host the event. I had some free time available before my evening departure back to the UK, and was determined to see a little of what the city had to offer. Bruce and I had already visited the Delta Air Lines museum the previous day, but Atlanta is also home to several other giants of the American economy. Two of the best known are Coca-Cola and CNN, and it wasn't long before I ran into both.

ABOVE: Some general views of downtown Atlanta on a quiet Sunday morning

Having formed the opinion that I probably only had time to visit one more of the corporations mentioned above, I decided that CNN was potentially the more interesting. The building now known as the CNN Center was opened in 1976 as the Omni Complex. Providing office space to a number of companies and even a few consulates, it was remarkable for featuring an ice-skating rink in its main atrium. CNN moved there in 1987. I joined the 'Inside CNN' guided tour, which proved to be an enjoyable experience. Not surprisingly, visitors are expected to desist from making excessive noise and have to accept that, depending on exactly what's going on, permission to take photos may be revoked at any time. Tour participants travel to the starting point on what is believed to be the world's longest free-standing escalator: supported only at its two end points, this spans a total of eight floors and is absolutely not for the fainthearted!

ABOVE: Visiting the CNN Building and on the 'Inside CNN' studio tour

I then attempted to reach the Georgia State House, but eventually gave up due to interminable MARTA delays caused by single-track working on a significant section of the line. Returning to the Hilton on some dirty streets that had a slightly uncomfortable feel, I bought a light lunch from Starbucks and ate it in my room. I then chilled for a bit and had another shower before setting out on the long journey home.

ABOVE LEFT: Relaxing in the lounge
ABOVE RIGHT: General view of the terminal

Fortunately, my MARTA ride back to the airport was not affected by the difficulties that I had encountered earlier in the day. The bus transfer to the International Terminal went on for several miles and passed the Delta Flight Museum on the way. Check-in was straightforward and after an easy passage airside, I settled into The Club at ATL to catch up on note-taking for this diary while I waited for my flight.

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