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This is: Round The World 2004

Flight Log 17 : AA194

San Francisco (SFO) - Boston (BOS)

I had been allocated seat 5A, which was in the last row of First Class, but that was OK, because there was a bulkhead behind me and I like that. The seats were the beige leather ones that I remember seeing on a GLA-ORD service a decade ago and were in 2+2 formation. They struck me as wider than the blue seats on the 767 from HNL to SFO. Even before I sat down, I could not help noticing crumbs in the little tray area between 5A and 5C ... not the best cleaning job in the world, then   Never mind ... I got rid of what I could and ignored the remainder, concentrating instead on enjoying a pre-takeoff glass of champagne.

We pushed back at 1411 and taxied across the end of runway 28L to 28R. I was slightly startled to see an aircraft landing on 28L very quickly indeed after we had crossed its path   We were airborne by 1422, making that very steep climb so typical of the 757. Based on a previous SFO-LHR flight with BA, I had thought that I would be on the wrong side of the plane for a good city view. On that previous occasion, the 747 had climbed out over the ocean, then turned and overflew the Golden Gate Bridge, giving those of us on the right a great view of San Francisco. But of course the 757 climbs so much faster than a 747, so the turn came much sooner and those of us on the left got the view. Lucky me   Unfortunately we were over Oakland before the use of electronic devices was authorised, otherwise I would have taken a picture.

The meal service started with pre-dinner (was it "dinner"?) drinks and those lovely warmed nuts ... I had some more champagne. The starter was a combination of freshly made Caesar salad and some smoked salmon. The main course choices were salmon with rice and peas, or tortellini, or filet and potatoes. The steak was no longer being offered by the time they reached Row 5, so I took the pasta. For dessert, there was a choice of ice cream sundae or fresh fruit - I had the fruit. I had a glass of Chardonnay with the main part of the meal and some coffee afterwards.

The flight crossed a total of ten states (CA / NV / UT / CO / NE / IA / WI / MI / NY / MA) and, with a three hour time difference between the west and east coasts, darkness settled in surprisingly quickly.

Due to strong headwinds and a backlog of traffic into Logan caused by the torrential rainstorm that had plagued Boston all day, we landed well behind schedule at 2257. We arrived at the gate at 2308 and, as I looked out of the window in the darkness, I got the impression that the whole airport seemed to be under a couple of inches of water!

Date: Thu 01 Apr 2004
Aircraft : Boeing 757
Scheduled dep : 1415
Actual departure : 1411
Scheduled arrival : 2235
Actual arrival : 2308
Cabin : First
Seat : 5A

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