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This is: Round The World 2004

Flight Log 1 : BA1455

Edinburgh (EDI) - London Heathrow (LHR)

I settled quickly into 4F, but was soon to learn that E would also be occupied ... no extra room on this first flight, then. But I reckoned I could cope! Normally, there wouldn't be too much to say about an EDI-LHR shuttle, but this one had a few notable points. First of all, it was announced that the aircraft was short of water, due to problems with a tanker, and that this was likely to affect the tea and coffee service. Apparently the crew had been faced with a choice, which had been discussed by the flight crew and senior cabin crew. Either we could go, without topping up the water or we could wait for 15 minutes, but missing our slot and thereby incurring far more serious delays. The decision was to go and I didn't hear any complaints.

After a late push-back, we taxied out for take-off on the north-easterly runway. After a powerful take-off run, Speedbird 1455 took to the skies and, sitting on the right, I had a glorious view of the City of Edinburgh as we climbed. I even (how sad is this?) managed to pick out the office where I work. We made the usual sharp left turn, which would have afforded those on the left an excellent view of the Forth Bridges ... I had to be content with Dunfermline   I even managed to catch sight of Stirling before we turned and headed south through Lanarkshire. So clear were the conditions that I could see Glasgow and Loch Lomond, and could follow the Clyde from Lanarkshire to the Firth.

After being used to the half-dreaded Deli Bag (or "sick bag" to regulars!) and having heard chatter on FT about its successor the Deli-Box, I was very pleasantly surprised to be presented with a proper cold meal that wouldn't have looked entirely out of place in Club Europe! (In fact, I would later see it offered again on the BA17!) The main part of the meal was a very well presented and, more importantly, absolutely delicious chicken salad with wild mushrooms, salad leaves and cherry tomatoes. There was also a small apple crumble and the usual bread roll. Due to the tea and coffee problems, it was made clear that doubles would very much be the order of the day for drinks from the bar, so I had my old favourite, gin & bitter lemon. In the event, I also had a coffee, for it did prove possible to get some made, but not for everybody.

As we were making an approach for a westerly landing at LHR, I was on the right side of the plane to get a bird's-eye view of Central London. I easily picked out the London Eye, the Palace of Westminster, Hyde Park & Green Park and several landmarks in the Brompton / South Kensington area.

We landed on the southern runway at LHR and, despite a really fierce piece of deceleration, continued in the same direction and round the western side of the airport towards the Terminal 1 domestic stands.


Date : Fri 27 Feb 2004
Aircraft : Airbus A320
Scheduled dep : 1700
Actual departure : 1710
Scheduled arrival : 1820
Actual arrival : 1839
Cabin : Economy

Seat : 4F

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