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This is: Round The World 2004

Onwards to Singapore

The start of today was indeterminate. (This is because I was crossing eight time zones - it had nothing to do with the champagne ... hic! ) One thing is certain, though : it started sometime during Flight BA17. (Link to flight log in side panel)

My memory of Changi as one of the world's most impressive airports was confirmed immediately - vast, spacious, well appointed and somehow managing to convey the impression of being near-deserted. It would be a welcome break indeed for those of my fellow passengers - and I formed the impression that it was the majority - who were continuing on BA17 to MEL. Immigration and Customs were a breeze, as indeed was baggage collection -  my suitcase was the third to appear. Ah, another little benefit of First Class travel   In no time at all, I was aboard an Airport Shuttle minibus, watching a very funny Rowan Atkinson show on a flat screen monitor and heading for my hotel in the Orchard Road district. We passed through a real tropical downpour en route, which would no doubt add further to the already oppressive humidity.

By a little after 7pm, I was checked in, making myself comfortable in my first hotel room of the trip, and catching up on this trip diary! I ordered room service at around 9pm which, almost like Singapore itself, was a successful blend of East and West : Chicken Gumbo soup, followed by Nasi Goreng, washed down with a local Tiger beer.