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This is: Round The World 2004

A spot of island-hopping

I had set the alarm very early - too early as it turned out - to make sure that there would be no panic about being ready in time for the airport shuttle. The shuttle company had insisted that I needed to be picked up at 0830 for my 1114 flight, due to tight security procedures at the airport. I had a bit of time to spare, but better that than being in a rush. Although it was early in the day and things can change quickly in these mountainous islands, indications were that the weather was going to be very much nicer than the previous day.

The shuttle bus dropped me off at the inter-island terminal and I completed an electronic check-in with a little help from an agent. Security was indeed very tight, but there were no lines to speak of and I found that I was all set and ready to go by 0930. Only one problem : the flight was at 1114! Strangely enough, the time passed very quickly and I was soon joining the boarding queue at Gate 58. Only then was it announced that the in-bound aircraft was late

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On arrival at OGG, I bought a small bag of potato chips from a machine in the baggage hall and scoffed them while I was waiting for my case. Then I spotted it sitting at the side along with a good many others. Despite the supposedly tight security, it had obviously been on an earlier flight without me to accompany it! I also had a surprisingly hassle-free experience picking up my third and last rental car. What, no arm-twisting to upgrade???

I hit the road, but fairly quickly spotted a Pizza Hut and stopped for lunch, having their usual lunchtime buffet offering, which is certainly very good value. Behind the wheel once more, I had no difficulty at all in locating my latest hotel and getting myself checked-in. I did a bit of unpacking and decided to go out for a walk. Before that, however I couldn't resist the temptation to lie down on top of the bed for a few minutes. You've guessed it : I slept for over an hour. So much for that unnecessarily early rise   As usual on these occasions, I felt a bit groggy when I woke up, but not at all unwell.

I eventually did get out for that short walk into the town centre, where I bought a few things, deciding that it was going to be sandwiches tonight. The conditions were looking good for making a further delve into that little DVD collection that I had brought with me.