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Another blast of winter

With last night's time difference, no exacting schedule today and the prospect of lousy weather conditions, there was absolutely no pressing need to get up early. Nevertheless, I surfaced at a very respectable 0745 (well, I thought it was ) The morning papers were full of stories about the previous day's weather, which had been exceptionally horrible, dumping some 5 inches of rain on Boston. Flood alerts were in force! I had a nice breakfast in the hotel's in-house restaurant and, in no great hurry, I eventually boarded the hotel's shuttle bus at about 1000 to go to the Airport train station. Trying to be positive, the heavy rain was now over. However it was drizzly, cold and windy - just not appealing at all   The Scottish word dreich was far too good for it

Due to the location of Boston's Logan Airport, I knew that it was possible to transfer to the city by boat, a bit like in Venice. Well, just a bit like that. I had originally thought that there would be no finer way of starting the day. However anyone who thought I was going to get into a boat in conditions like these was - let's see, where are we again? - a couple of clams short of a chowder   I bought a day pass for the transit system, thinking that I would end up being something of a mole - spending a lot of time underground, surfacing occasionally and burrowing to safety again at the earliest opportunity   You really have to understand how awful the weather was.

And it was. I mean, truly miserable. I found myself thinking on several occasions : a bit like home, only worse! But, I have to say, I am now feeling quite pleased with what I managed to do in spite of it all. Last night, I honestly thought there was a good chance that I'd spend the entire day in the hotel, and even when I set out this morning, I wasn't expecting to take any photos at all. Yet it occurred to me at one stage that I had spent just as long out and about as I had in Brisbane, if we don't count my evening out there. Can't be bad, now, can it?

I got back to the hotel at about 1610 and had a very nice seafood dinner in the hotel's restaurant.

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